And who'll deny that's what the fightings all about..."

        Us and Them - Pink Floyd

You have reached the end of this version of the Banana-Bucks document. Previously, this was an 80 page document full of maths, ideas, and half-completed concepts. I will no longer edit and expand this version, even though it is not yet complete. It has taken two years to get here. My plan is to slowly convert that 80 page document into a new and expanded version - if there is enough interest. The chapters and ideas are all laid out - just a whole lot of editing and re-writing is required.

If you found this interesting, and you wish to do something, then please do the following: give it to some of your friends to read! Discuss it with your parents and children. Talk about it with your partner. And, if you don’t understand some parts, then ask questions. If you see flaws, try and find solutions. If you have a completely different idea that will work better, write it down for us to read.

This can be distributed any way you like. I don’t care, just as long as it keeps its original form. I'm doing this for free. The only profit I expect is the possibility that it becomes a reality, and I can build my virtual barn. If I get that, then I will profit more than any amount of FIAT money is worth.

If you want more of the story, to find out what happened to all of the Dodos on Fruitopia, you’ll have to put an “I like” on Facebook. I know its corny, but all I want is 57 likes and then I'll start with the next chapter. Why 57? Well, we’ll get to that much later...




Firstly, a special thanks to my wife Aretha for her help and support. I could not have done this without your insight and understanding.

James Danielsen, my brother, for helping with every version giving lots of feedback and explaining to me how I should present it. 'An African Example' was mainly written by James, and your editing of the rest was invaluable.

Kevin Danielsen, my dad, for your critisms and realism, and the correcting of my mistakes.

Paulina MacNicol, for your editing work, seeing it from differnt perspective influenced the finial version the most.

Penny and Mike Paddick, for editing and grammer help, and the meal where Banana-Bucks was coined.

Jack Langner, for the Logo, it looks brilliant.

For the artist who painted Infinity. I dont know your name, or what you called the paiting, but it is brilliant. I hope you dont mind it being up here.

Nick Antonis, for reading the first draft, and telling me its a little heavy going, for putting up with my rants around the fire place, and getting me those last likes.

Etienne and Griet Venter, for pointing out that there will always be the poor, and The message.

Warren MacNicol, for your possitive feedback and understanding.

Dylan Merryweather, for your honest scepticism coming from a parent.

Nick Higham, for seeing the good in it, and the finiancial sense in the idea.

Johan Marais, for your positive and critical review, I hope you enjoyed Baraka.

Frans Meyer, for being a skeptic and supporter at the same time, your insight is very valuable.

NASA, and the American tax payers, for building the best camara a man can buy. Couldn't get the same picture of the Crab Nebula with my Canon.